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Hello All,

First post ever.


I have a suggestion related to inviting a channel when scheduling a meeting. It would be nice to be able exclude certain members of a channel by default when scheduling a team meeting. In my case, I am listed as an owner on each of our company teams to help with administration and control of channel creation. However, I do not want to be invited to the meetings of that team. 


Also, (and I know this has been listed elsewhere), it would be nice to invite a private channel to a meeting.

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@Ken_GFirst of all welcome to Tech Community we are empowered with users like you, about the question you asked here is my answer to it;


 - When you invite a channel everyone part of the teams will see the on-going meeting or even get notified base on their channel's notification settings alternative could be creating group chats and schedule meetings for specific tops or groups.

UserVoice for this option -


- Private channels currently do not support scheduling meetings but do have meet now option. here is the UserVoice for this function -


Here is what you can do more on Private channels and as it is new more functions will be included soon.





Thanks for the response Pervaiz. I posted a response in the thread and hopefully added my voice to the other users.

@Ken_G Hi Ken, actually the best way is to invite a list of people by copy/paste excluding who you don’t want, instead to invite all channel.