Teams meeting subject does not match calendar meeting subject

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I am running the client that includes the new meeting features (Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)) that moves the tool bar to the upper right of the meeting but for some reason the meeting subject in the calendar does not match the meeting subject that shows at the top of the Teams meeting window. Any ideas why?

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Hello @Kevin Hoyt,


Was the meeting renamed via outlook calendar? Usually the teams client takes some time to replicate the changes. I am thinking it is just this one meeting instance you should be facing issues with. Try creating a new meeting and rename it via outlook calendar to see if you are able to replicate the issue, I couldn't.



@Kevin Hoyt  It may take a while to synchronize information, restart the Teams software to have a try.

@harveer singh Thanks for the reply, in this case the meeting was updated last week. Both Outlook and Teams calendars show the right subject line, it has synchronized. But when the meeting starts the subject line at the top of the meeting is different than what is in the calendar. Not sure how to replicate it to open a ticket.