Teams Meeting Runaway Repeating 'Renamed Meeting' Chat Msg?

John Benak

Wanted to know if anyone has seen this, as it was a first for me.


Was in a Teams Meeting yesterday, ironically enough to t-shoot a Teams startup issue. It was with some colleagues and MS support engineers. At some point in the meeting the chat thread went crazy, continuously posting "<msengineer>@microsoft.com renamed the meeting to ."


It was restricted to the single user, he was not the host, and he left/rejoined a few times to no avail.  We just worked around it, but it was very annoying.  The MS engineers said they hadn't seen this before either.  Despite having MS email addy's some were obviously 3rd party, so that expands the possible variables even moreso.


Just curious about this as if it spreads our users will definitely complain.



BTW - Issue Cause & Resolution: Our issue was that a group of users could not start Teams Desktop because they were running OpenText Socks Client (used for proxy bypass/navigation into Azure) on their desktops, and it was preventing startup.  Uninstalling the app instantly resolved the issue.  Hadn't heard of any other SW interfering with startup and the rest of their Office apps were fine.  



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