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I have noticed that many of my Teams meeting records have a problem when i am recoridn using PowerPoint Live.

The introduction page appears correctly at the beginning of the recording.  


Then rather than the PowerPoint slides showing I get a message 'Loading'...'

However the audio of the meeting starts.

The Loading message appears for about 10 to 15 second before the PowerPoint slides appear. 



This occurs even when I start recording and wait until I get the notification your recording has started before starting to talk.

I need to count to about 15 before I should start to ensure the beginning of the presentation is captured.


This is very frustrating when trying to create videos that you want to share with internal or external stakeholders.


Has anyone else experienced this?

This is my own meeting and I start recording

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Hi,@NikkiChapple_  Yes, this is a known issue that seems to affect only certain users.  The team is working on a solution but for now, all I can suggest is for you not to use PowerPoint Live - use the general screensharing option.

Hi there. It's been over a year since this issue. I'm currently experiencing the same issue. Can you point me in the right direction to find a solution?