Teams Meeting Recordings Retention Policy: Bypass Recycle Bin?

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Our information governance team is keen to have the 60-day teams meeting recordings (TMRs) retention policy work in such a way that it deletes the TMR after 60 days and it is a hard delete, instead of moving it to the recycle bin of the OneDrive/SharePoint location. Is this possible?

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Do you know if we set up a teams meeting recording (TMR) retention policy in Purview (which would take precedence over the 60-day Teams TMR policy), whether or not the file would go to the recycle bin once the file meets its Purview policy limit? In other words, is Purview retention policy for TMRs a hard delete of the file, rather than a recycle bin process?
It will not go to the recycle bin using Purview as it does with expiration.
I ended up working with Microsoft on this and they explained that I cannot use a Purview retention policy to remove particular file types. In this case we are wanting to remove teams meeting recordings (or mp4s) in particular. There's not a way to create a policy that targets only those file types for removal after x number of days. They didn't see an alternative solution, either.
They are wrong. Read the article and the docs links.
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