Teams meeting recordings Redirection for specific users to a specific folder in OneDrive

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Hi Guys,


I have a task given to me for Teams. I'm not an expert in Teams surely. 


I need to redirect Teams Meeting Recordings for specific users who regularly record meetings to a specific folder in OneDrive created under Shared Libraries in one Drive. Are there any set of pwoershell cmdlets to let me redirect specific users' recordings to their folders created in Shared library inside OneDrive. Permissions already granted to that M365 E5 user and their managers for each folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Amir, I believe this can be done by the Teams Admin Center policies section read more on Microsoft Roadmap...


also, this article says by March 1st, 2021 everyone should use OneDrive or Sharepoint for recording the calls nothing will go to Stream...

check this article for more...

@PDostiyar Thank you for your reply.  I understand that this change is coming but I needed to implement this for 30 users asap. It is an urgent requirement. Is it possible to enable this for certain users now?  Are there set of commands and steps to do this? Please help. It is greatly appreciated.

@AmirShahzad  Ok Great here is the Microsoft Docs... which explain one by one the steps that you need to put those users to be able to save their recording to Onedrive...


let me know how it goes and if worked closed the thread selection this solution works for you....again let me know if it didn't work for you....

I wanted to redirect the recordings to a sharepoint shared library which will serve as a central repository for the users. Are there any commands for that?
Hello, you need to opt-in to use the new storage location (OneDrive/SharePoint) as already mentioned above. Only channel meeting recordings will go to SharePoint where the permissions will be inherited. The other recordings will end up in OneDrive. So, opt-in for the meeting policy you would like to use (global is the default) and assign that policy to the users.

The command is simple and looks like this for the global policy.

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -RecordingStorageMode "OneDriveForBusiness"

@ChristianBergstrom This was done by Microsoft for everyone 1 or 2 months ago so I do not have to do this as i did not opt out. Is it possible to redirect a user (John, Suppose) team meeting recording to another custom created folder in Sharepoint library folder also called JohnFolder. So when John records the team meeting and the mp4 gets created then it should automatically be copied to a custom created folder in Sharepoint called JohnFolder instead of going to default onedrive > MyFiles > Recordings folder.

Don't know really. Not out of the box, that much I know. Perhaps you can use Power Automate (flow) for it.
Hi @amir I believe you have to create a Teams for the 30 users and set a meeting policy for the users, you can then use a powershell cmd to set the meeting policy to onedrive.
Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity 'meeting
' | Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -AllowEngagementReport Enabled