Teams Meeting Recording Restrict Access To Students

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We are using Teams Meetings at our secondary school for online teaching and we advise teachers to record their meetings for safeguarding reasons. We only want our teachers to be able to access the videos however students can go into the chat history and download it. I can't see a way of blocking access when using either the Stream or OneDrive (Recordings Folder) save locations - it is shared by default to meeting participants (students). Does anyone know of a way to lock this down?


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Thanks for your reply. In an education environment it is not a great idea to make it available to everyone by default. You would have to remember to unshare the video before the students download it which is not feasible. I hope Microsoft can add an option to disable this. @adam deltinger 

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Id recommend posting this request on user voice then:


@reprised Hi, if channel meetings are an option you can use that as every other member’s permissions are based on the channel SharePoint permissions, where the member who clicked on 'Record' has edit rights to the recording. This needs to be configured though.

@ChristianBergstromHow would we allow just the person (teacher) who presses record to see the video? It seems to be the same behaviour if i create the meeting in the channel. For us, we need this to be the default option throughout our tenant for all meetings and channel meetings. I know guests and unauthenticated users can't view/download the video but there is no way of configuring for all students.

Use a Teams meeting policy allowing only the teachers to record. And it’s not the same behavior in channel meetings as you configure the permissions as you like in SharePoint (inherited).

Also want to follow this. Ideally, all Teachers "Owners" would have access to the recordings folder. Then students "members" would not have view or read access to the folder unless a file was specifically shared. I am unable to edit the Manage Access in sharepoint. Any Ideas?