Teams meeting recording on Stream - save in Teams channel without than downloading and uploading

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I want to save the Teams meeting recording to a Teams channel. The recording is currently in the chat but I would rather have the link in the channel or be able to move it rather than having to download and then upload. Am I being unreasonable? thanks!

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Teams Meeting Recordings are saved on SharePoint/OneDrive since august, if it still saving to stream, check your meeting policy using PowerShell, if you have permissions

Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy | fl RecordingStorageMode

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Also if the recording is not happening in a chat, it's expected is going to be stored in the OneDrive of the organizer so you what you can do here is ask the organizer to access his/her OneDrive and Copy/Move the recording to the specific channel using the Copy To / Move To actions
thanks for this too. i am the organiser and it was in the Chat - it's just that i didn't want it to stay there. will check as per earlier suggestion.

@Gemma1973 This is a very reasonable request in my opinion. It seems strange that we have to download the recording from Stream and then upload it to a Teams channel manually. Why is there no option to "Move to Teams channel" in Stream? Stream is the default location for Teams meeting recordings so I'm surprised not more people are asking about this.