Teams meeting recording issue

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I have an active Microsoft 365 paid subscription for my personal use. I also use office 365 on a separate office account.  My One Drive accounts for both my office and personal accounts are well separated and no issues in using them. So is the case with other applications except Teams.  Teams work normally for my office account with all functionalities working normally (at least the ones which I use). However when I switch to Teams using my personal account there are a lot of issues. Specifically when I am hosting a meeting on my personal account it doesn't allow me to record the meeting. Even the option for "Start Recording" is not there in the Menu (not just Greyed out as some folks with issues in recording have been reporting. The menu is much smaller and the recording option is not there at all)

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Hi Ageet,
What license you are using on personal subscription?
Make sure your license supported storage applications i.e Stream, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint.