Teams meeting popups - unclickable Zoom links

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In the image below, the bottom Teams meeting notification is a Teams meeting and the one above it is a Zoom meeting. Why do my Zoom meeting only have unclickable links? All I can figure out to do is copy and paste the url into a browser to enter the meeting from there. I already tried making sure my Zoom app is an associated app, or whatever it was called, with my Teams app. Can anybody help?71138203934__9A294507-3064-499B-BC70-0C86F8A0EE33.png

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I think this is normal behaivor for a popup like this. you need to open the invite it is all about protection.

Just curious, how is it safer to make the link unclickable if the user can just copy and paste the link into a browser and join the meeting that way anyway?

My last answer was not 100% correct the Join button is default with Microsoft integration what you are searching for is a full integration with Zoom in Outlook. Which means click on join and zoom opens with the meeting this is not integrated. And that is why you need to open the invite. Sorry for my first answer.
No worries. I don't think this is the right answer though because Zoom has already been integrated with my Outlook. I have always been able to schedule Zoom meetings through Outlook and etc. It is just the Teams meeting notification popup that is the issue.