Teams meeting policy mismatch (Outlook and Teams Desktop/Web)

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We are running into a weird issue. There is some mismatch between the policies applied to Outlook Teams Addins and Teams Desktop or Teams Web. For example we have set the Who Can present to Only organizers and co-organizers but when creating a meeting from Teams Desktop or Web, it's set by default to Everyone.




PS C:\> Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity  |fl *Policy*

ApplicationAccessPolicy                :
ExternalAccessPolicy                   :
LocationPolicy                         :
OnlineAudioConferencingRoutingPolicy   :
OnlineDialOutPolicy                    :
OnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy               :
OnlineVoicemailPolicy                  :
TeamsAppPermissionPolicy               :
TeamsAppSetupPolicy                    :
TeamsAudioConferencingPolicy           :
TeamsCallHoldPolicy                    :
TeamsCallParkPolicy                    :
TeamsCallingPolicy                     :
TeamsCarrierEmergencyCallRoutingPolicy :
TeamsChannelsPolicy                    :
TeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy         :
TeamsCortanaPolicy                     :
TeamsEducationAssignmentsAppPolicy     :
TeamsEmergencyCallRoutingPolicy        :
TeamsEmergencyCallingPolicy            :
TeamsEnhancedEncryptionPolicy          :
TeamsEventsPolicy                      :
TeamsFeedbackPolicy                    :
TeamsFilesPolicy                       :
TeamsIPPhonePolicy                     :
TeamsMediaLoggingPolicy                :
TeamsMeetingBrandingPolicy             :
TeamsMeetingBroadcastPolicy            :
TeamsMeetingPolicy                     : Test Meeting Policy
TeamsMessagingPolicy                   :
TeamsMobilityPolicy                    :
TeamsNetworkRoamingPolicy              :
TeamsNotificationAndFeedsPolicy        :
TeamsOwnersPolicy                      :
TeamsRoomVideoTeleConferencingPolicy   :
TeamsShiftsAppPolicy                   :
TeamsShiftsPolicy                      :
TeamsSurvivableBranchAppliancePolicy   :
TeamsSyntheticAutomatedCallPolicy      :
TeamsTargetingPolicy                   :
TeamsTasksPolicy                       :
TeamsTemplatePermissionPolicy          :
TeamsUpdateManagementPolicy            :
TeamsUpgradeOverridePolicy             :
TeamsUpgradePolicy                     : UpgradeToTeams
TeamsUpgradePolicyIsReadOnly           : ModeAndNotifications
TeamsVdiPolicy                         :
TeamsVerticalPackagePolicy             :
TeamsVideoInteropServicePolicy         :
TeamsVoiceApplicationsPolicy           :

PS C:\> Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity "Test Meeting Policy" |fl *present*

DesignatedPresenterRoleMode : OrganizerOnlyUserOverride

PS C:\>




From Teams Desktop:




From Outlook:




From Teams Web:




Am I missing something?






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Can you verify the same from the Teams Admin Center if the same policy have been configured in the Teams Admin Center. When configured in the Meeting Policy it should be same in all the places. Is this happening with one user or multiple users? Additionally can you also check if there is any sensitivity label associated with the user account.

With Regards,
Satish U

It happens to all the users and the policy in Teams Admin Center match PowerShell. We don't have any label policy right now.