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Is there a way to update who the Teams Meeting Organizer is? I am setting up meetings on my Team's calendar, but will be departing from my organization soon and would like to assign someone else as the organizer. 


What will happen to the meetings if I leave the Team channel and I'm still the organizer?

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Its the same as doing it in outlook, when you leave someone should create new meetings, theres no concept of transferring ownership.

@Steven Collier 

and when we will have more organizer?

While the colleges would like to change the time, by our daily meeting if they have some other meeting.

Hi,@Steven Collier 


My assistant is setting all my and my team "Microsoft teams meeting". How can she assign me or a member of the team as organizer when she setup the meeting?


Thank you!

@Jerome1965I also have the same question.  Can you have the meeting without the 'organizer' on the call?

@Jerome1965 this is possible. I just tested it out in my environment this afternoon. However, you have to keep in mind that the lobby may stop people from coming in. This happened during a meeting a couple weeks ago. I ended up having to go to the Teams Admin, in Meetings, in Meeting Policies, in the Participants & guests section, I changed the "Automatically admit people" option to Everyone and "Let anonymous people start a meeting to Off. I had someone create a meeting and invite a 3rd person. The 3rd person clicked on the meeting before the organizer and the 3rd person was in the meeting as expected.
@DanHeaton, sorry I mentioned the person you mentioned and not you in my previous Reply.

@christophercullum How can we cancel a recurring meeting when the organiser is no longer in the organisation? In addition, he has removed the meeting from his calendar and can't see it or edit or cancel it.


Hello everybody

im interested as well

My assistant need to create meetings for some people of my organization, but Teams need the participation of the organizer (my assistant).

How can we avoid that? I did create a policy as you explained, but organizer is still needed to accept people...


Is there something to do after created the policy?


Thanks for you help and sorry for my english

@Magnus Schröder 

Sorry for the delay in response, been busy with my companies global Teams rollout.

Since the meeting is actually managed in Exchange, I would suggest talking to your Exchange folks.  I am not one of those super cool Exchange folks, so I cannot tell you the answer to that request.

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Hi@art4ban ,

In Teams Admin Center, under Meetings->Meeting policies->Global, if you have "Automatically admit people" set to Everyone, then the first person who "Join Teams meeting" should actually start the meeting.

You can check out MS's docs for more info:


@christophercullum   Also I have been caught by this:  If the organizer is away and does not have online access and tries to dial in on a telephone to start the meeting, the organizer will need his/her numeric PIN number.  So I have been putting my PIN number on all my invitations since I know the people and want them to be able to start the meeting if I am delayed or can not make it.  This would probably make the security experts cringe, but it enables the meeting to be able to happen without its organizer.

Thanks,  Dan

Hi @DanHeaton , are the other members of your meeting in your Tenant?  If so, and the organizers meeting policy is set to b.png

then anyone joining the meeting using a Teams client can start the meeting.  That would allow the meeting participants to have a meeting and stop your security folks from having a mild Myocardial infarction.

@christophercullum  I will have to research what 'tenant' means... I am not a teams admin, I just try to use the stuff...  No,  I was on a military base, and I think others were just trying to dial in.  And yes I set automatically admit people to everyone.   I would love to be able to use Teams or Skype for Business with screensharing, with government clients, in these Covid times its a must.  But most government people can not figure it out, even from their homes.  Teams seems to work better inside companies, consultants works some but not great, government (clients) forget about it....    help? or sympathy?


Hi@DanHeaton , I understand your situation.  I was a federal contractor for years, so I know how difficult it can be to use software that is not already widely used in the organization. 

A Tenant is the organization that gets the bill from Microsoft, i.e. would be for the Department of Defense.


Teams is more than just web meetings.  It is a collaboration platform that allows for the ability to communicate, coauthor files, surface line of business data, and have web meetings.  So, it can be overwhelming at first for new users who have not had training.


Teams can be used by people within a Tenant, but people outside of that Tenant can be invited to use Teams as well.  Microsoft has a government infrastructure that most federal agencies must use when using Microsoft in the cloud.  How outside guests are handled in that infrastructure may be different than non government infrastructure.


As far as learning a bit how to use Teams, you may want to check out "Coffee in the Cloud".  Kaurana Gatimu knows her stuff.


Similar theme to many above: I am organizing the meeting (agenda etc) and would like to give others the ability to move time and add others per their schedule. This is functionality in Google Calendar. Is this likely to be a future feature? If not, is it a security issue?

@ClimberT8This may not be a direct answer to your question.  I have been setting up meetings first in Outlook, because the features are more robust, and I can populate the addresses much more easily.  With Outlook, all the functionality for others to forward the invite to others, suggest alternate times, etc is present in full force.  Before sending the invite, I just click on the teams plugin in outlook to add the teams link information to the outlook invite.  I do share my teams meeting orginizers pin so others can start the meeting by phone, if I am missing for some reason.  And I change meeting settings so that there is no 'lobby' or other impediments to others starting the meeting.


The only hickup I have is the meeting does not show up in the Teams channel activity and sharing recordings of the meeting to people outside my organization seems to be difficult.

Thanks,  Dan

@Steven Collier  Okay, thanks steven

Yeah you're right