Teams meeting options missing

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Using the Windows Teams app, I'm a regular user, not an admin.


if I create a (regular) meeting in the calendar then open it to edit, the Meeting Options link is not available. I understand it should be to the right of the time zone dropdown.


Is that a bug or a setting that our system admins have turned off? 



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@Jon Chambers  so here are three possible cases;


1 - that could be only your account having this issues

2 - disable by your company teams admin

3 - try to use the web version of

@PDostiyar Thank you, looks like it's the second one, though I've found a backdoor way by creating the meeting in Outlook; it inserts a link to a meetings options page that still works.

@Jon Chambers  That is great so for now, you could accept one of the replies so this is a workaround for others to watch.

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There is a simple solution to this problem. Customise Ribbon, create a new group under appointment tab on right. On the left select All commands from drop down. Add meeting related commands to this group - like Don't Host Online, Teams Meeting, Meeting Options. Now you can remove a teams meeting from an existing invite, add it back and also choose who waits in the lobby. These options are somehow hidden in the standard ribbon - probably by default Microsoft setting or group policy/admin console setting.