Teams meeting not updated on calendar

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One user in my organisation is facing an issue with a Teams meeting he scheduled.



User scheduled the meeting and invited participants. After creation, he cannot see the meeting in his calendar section but the participants can. He managed to copy the meeting details from his colleague's calendar but cannot reschedule/cancel the meeting link thus copied.


The issue is for one meeting and all other meetings are reflected on the calendar. Is there a reason why this is happening or a way to cancel the meeting and create a new one? 



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I have also had a user experience this issue when booking the Teams meeting through outlook. Most of our users use the teams outlook add-in to schedule meetings. Even after forwarding the meeting invite to the meeting organizer, they were not able to accept. They were able to join via the link in the forwarded message. This is just a workaround. How do we repair the issue? We don't like to cancel meetings and resend invites if the meeting is client facing. @GowthamJayan