Teams Meeting (not Live Event) Q and A - anonymous?

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Are there plans to either provide anonymous Q&A in the upcoming Teams Meeting Q&A app, or is there an API available to perhaps create a PowerApp that could send anonymous questions to the Q&A app? We'd really like to get away from Live Events for smaller events, but people really like the anonymous Q&A part of Live Events, so we're stuck using them until something better becomes available.

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@David Phillips I came to ask the same question, and same scenario. 

@C_Bulmer Couple of work around ideas that I'm considering to solve this problem:  1)  You could instruct your participants who want to ask anonymous questions to join the meeting as a guest with a fake name via the Teams web interface; 2) You could create a Microsoft Forms form specifically for anonymous questions during meetings that doesn't collect submitter data and is therefor anonymous.

Hi @David Phillips, I am the Product Manager for Teams Q&A. We're building an anonymous posting feature that allows event organizers to enable/disable it in a particular meeting/event. 

@samsearth that's great to hear! Do you have an ETA for this? I can't see it in the M365 product roadmap

@samsearth some way to track this feature development would be appreciated as we're looking for this functionality in my organization as well. Thank you

Hello Mark, Teams Q&A is now Generally Available, and it includes anonymous posts. Please see more here . Thank you!
Hi aknight0, We will post information about new features on the Microsoft 365 roadmap - please search for teams Q&A