Teams Meeting - Missing Menu Options

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When a schedule a meeting the menu options don't fully show.  I found that I can only see the menu to "Start Recording".  Yet if I use my mouse and Control-scroll the meeting to scale the interface, the rest me the menu's appear.  I find I constantly have to change the scaling during the call to see menus.  Why would Teams not scroll on the menu? 


Additionally, I find in large meetings 16 people I constantly need to control-scroll to see participants as the font size isn't fixed and changes.


Then you can't rename a person dialed in like I was able to on GoToMeeting and WebEx.  In fact, it would be great if a person dialed in and if the caller's phone number is already in Active Directory, it could associate them automatically.


Great if you can kick someone from a meeting on the gallery instead of opening the participant window.


Is there a way to LOCK a room?  I can't see it.


Any way to have participants float in a box you can drag around?

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Hi @DD007   There's a lot to unpack in your post - you might consider going to the Uservoice feedback forum to make some of those feature suggestions and allow others to vote on them.

@ThereseSolimeno  Thanks for the reply.  You are correct, there are so many shortfalls to Teams.