Teams meeting links going to the wrong place after being renamed

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We are having an issue at my organization in which meeting links generated in Teams are going to the wrong meetings after being renamed twice. We have to do the following to our recurring meeting links:


  • Rename them so that a student has the link with their name hyperlinked and includes meeting days/times
  • Rename the meeting links once again so that they include the name of the moderator of the meeting

It seems that most of the time the person with issues is the moderator. They claim they are entering a meeting that they aren't supposed to be in (or sometimes even know about) and they have to be called into the meeting by internal staff.


I work at a nonprofit that deals with schools and other participants who are external to our organization so none of them belong to our suite. For now all that we have been doing is  re-emailing the meeting link to the moderators since they have been having the most trouble.


Edit to add: apparently the meetings are also titled the exact same but the participants are in different calls.

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Seems very strange! I would creative a ticket with Microsoft to sort this out!


@mm_465 I'm having this same issue with a client how did you resolve it?



I don't know what caused it, but I just ran into an instance where the link provided via the join button and the link in the body of the calendar item via "Click here to Join the meeting" were different and took people to two different rooms.


The fix for us was to copy the Join button link and resend it via email.