Teams meeting invitations with multiple sub company logos.

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y company is a holding company for several sub companies.  All sub companies need to keep their own branding.  IT resources are centralized and managed by the parent company IT.  We need to have a way to brand the Teams Meeting Invitation by company.  Much like we do with the centralized email.  All business unites users have an email address that has their own business unit domain and signature.  We need this for Teams meeting invitations.  For example: Company A gets Company A's logo.  Company B gets Company B's logo...      

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No, this is a tenant wide setting only, unfortunately!

Go to teams uservoice and vote for this:
I'm a scrum master and manage numerous meetings including agendas. Today, I am trying to update an agenda and am now receiving the error message that the Team Meeting Details are different and the invite cannot be sent. Anyone know of a work around? I'd rather not cancel the meetings created in our group calendar and create new as it would be confusing to the 50 plus recipients.