Teams meeting info in "Create a Meeting" from Outlook on Mac

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I'm currently using M365 via a new Macbook, and it is generally working well.  However when I set a meeting with the "Create a Meeting" button with an email, it sends the Teams dial in info to the bottom of what may often be a long email chain.  This makes it hard for recipients (particularly of the non-technical type) to find the connection details of the meeting just set up.   Is there any way of setting Outlook (or Teams) so that the meeting info goes to the top of the invitation just sent?

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Maybe there is a way, if it’s not doing this natively, to cut/copy and paste the join details to the top of the meeting. It puts it at the top of a meeting Outlook for Windows if you reply to an email with a meeting and add Teams meeting. But that functionality wasn’t always there.

If one doesn’t already exist I would 100% add it to I'd vote up on it for sure

Hope that answers your question

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Thanks Chris.  The problem is that the Create a Meeting button sets up as a calendar invite, and you are not given a chance to edit the message - it simply has a binary switch for "Create Teams meeting", so you don't actually see the invite before it is sent.  I'm told that it is particularly difficult if the recipient is on a handheld device (I'm working on a matter with c.20 colleagues from different firms, and cannot Reply with Meeting from Mac (which I can do on my Surface Pro, and which at least allows the editing of the dial in/connection details).

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Hmm, interesting. Thanks for breaking it down. Does the mac version have 'add office meeting to all meetings' in it? I ticked this in the Outlook version and if I reply with meeting or choose schedule a meeting on an email the join options are auto added to the top. Would be interesting to see if that worked on the mac.




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Under the Outlook Tab, Preferences, Calendar, there is an option to "Add online meeting to all meetings (M365 accounts only)", but when you tick that box it just defaults to having the "create Teams meeting" set by default to Yes - but it still does not give the meeting connection details, which are obviously added after it is sent (but in the wrong part of the message).



Ok. Hmm, looks like this functionality is as designed. I tried also to do it from Outlook on the Web ( however this put the join options at the bottom. I guess there is a few workarounds


1.) If Outlook for Mac is like Outlook for Windows when clicking on the cal item in the calendar there should be a button in the ribbon which shows to join meeting - like this




2.) Get them to join the meeting from Teams > Calendar. One click join

3.) Add a second meeting manually for direct join (only the join details, or put the join details onto a group chat, channel, email etc. to make it super easy to join

4.) I have opened a feedback here which you can vote up on. It's unlikely Microsoft will pick it up soon given all the other priorities, but if you get others to vote on it it'll push it up the agenda


Put Join Details at Top when Scheduling/Creating a Meeting from an email in Outlook · Community (mic...


Hope that answers your question


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