Teams Meeting external invitee does not get the option to Join in Browser only Download Teams

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We have a user who is inviting an external invitee to a Teams Meeting. The person only gets the option to download Teams Client. They do not see all three options that are normally displayed when the browser opens. The person is using Google Chrome on an Android Phone. They do not want to install Teams Client or Microsoft Edge Browser. We have not experienced this before and it is only one user who has reported this issue so far.

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@DjcarrUsing phone the better and best option is to install the Teams App, but still you can join the online / web version as well, what will be the issue here the user may have select the default option to be used is always open/user Teams client app.


try to find out the setting and change it....

@Djcarr On your mobile phone you have to use the mobile app. You do not need a Teams user account or license but you need the app, it is free to download.

@PDostiyar They do not want external users to have to install anything to attend Teams Meetings. We have had multiple external users on mobile devices join using their phone browser. This is the first case of it not even having the option to use the browser only download the Teams Client.

@Linus Cansby other users have used mobile device browsers to join meetings. The meetings created by this user do not get the option to join with the browser only download Teams Client. 

@Djcarr Could it be that they changed the mobile web browser to act as an desktop browser? But still even if it works to start the meeting you will get the best experience with the Teams mobile app, I've not seen that it is support or will be supported to use mobile web browser to join Teams meetings.


Use Teams on the web - Office Support (

@DjcarrAs Mention by @Linus Cansby the user might have used the desktop version into their mobiles but as stated above the best practice is to Use the Teams App on mobiles on even on the computers.... as it give much rich and advance features and experiences.

@Linus Cansby This is a person who is not computer savvy and they have not changed any settings in the browser to have it used as a Desktop vs Mobile. They are not seeing the option to join the browser that opens the Teams Meeting invite link sent to them.

@Djcarr If they have not changed anything in the mobile browser so the mobile web browser acts as an mobile web browser they should not be able to join the Teams meeting without the Teams mobile app.