Teams Meeting Expiration after 60 days?

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Does any one know for sure, if it is only due to inacivity (60-67 days) the meeting room and link expires - meaning: If you and others join the meeting e.g. once every week, will it then not expire? Does the meeting link then still work? I'm curious because my company would like to have a permanent meetingroom/-link. And we're planning ahead like many others.


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@ChristianBergstrom I have tested some really old links from 2020 for regular meetings and they still work!

Hi @ChristianBergstrom  - great to hear! (and I believe You mean 2020 ;) or else You're a little ahead)

@User_235 Yes, sorry 2020! So does that mean that the expiration rule has changed?

I don't know when they made the 60 days rule - but maybe they don't enforce it.? Hope not! :)