Teams meeting - End call when the organizer leaves

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Good morning to all the community,


I need help and advises about Microsoft Teams meetings. 

We recently ask users to use Teams when they need to realize conference call.

However, we noticed that users in the Teams meeting can still speak when the organizer leaves. This is a functionality we would like to delete due to confidentiality.


  • Is there a way to end a conference call when the organizer leaves ?


  • Does the organizer must do something in order to close the conference call in the meeting ?


Hope you'll be able to help us.


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Sometimes, I have to leave the meeting for a while and return to the meeting. So, the meeting should continue while I am away.

But a student sometimes organizes a meeting in a channel and I should be able to kill the meeting as the team owner. Even the global admin cannot end the meeting. That is the problem which should be solved.

@SB_ASI suspect this feature is not fixed because not fixing it results in more income.


In collaboration systems, there are generally two costing models:

- fixed price, pay one fee

- floating price/cost plus fees


Companies that offer fixed price tend to optimize profits by reduce costs.  For meetings, especially where telecommunications are involved, that means disconnecting participants at the earliest possible moment.


Teams is a cost plus model.  With the telephony enables, you are consuming credits for every minute a phone is connected.  In this model, the longer participants are connected, the more Teams makes.  Fixing the poor user/company experience would hit the bottom line for the profit center.


Its one of many issues in teams that is SUPER annoying and that other systems do pretty well.