Teams meeting disconnecting every 45 seconds

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whilst on Teams meetings, after a time (approx 60mins??), in a meeting I have set up in outlook with the "teams Meeting" button activated, my connection CONTINUALLY cuts out every 45 seconds (exactly??).
The meeting carries on (everyone else is still connected) but I have to rejoin every 45 seconds...
This is completely unacceptable and is now putting my whole project at risk and is extremely disappointing as we have recommended all other parties to use Teams but it now risking the whole project.
Does anyone have any advice??? Hs happened several times now
Many thanks

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Haven’t heard of this! Have you tried joining from another client or device / network etc?

Thanks for replying @adam deltinger 

In short, no, I haven't tried much else. I need to set all the meetings up, and it's only me that drops out. I don't think its a network issue (although we are all using a lot more at the moment) but the fact that it's really consistent (ie every 45 seconds) makes me think its a software issue. It has happened a few times now

I am using the Teams app (windows 7) so maybe ill try using via a browser and see what happens.

Im not an IT person, but can find my way round most things (eventually) but this is really annoying and I don't need any help looking stupid in these meetings so its not great!!!!!

@DanPrimrose hi - I've found this happening in our organization when people VPN into the network and then join a Teams call.  If the VPN connection is lost, they will drop, and then be rejoined when the VPN comes back up.  This has happened to me several times on calls, so I just ask people not to be on VPN during Teams calls. Not a super techy solution, but it seems to work. 


Thanks @karenw . Im not sure that is whats causing this, but will have a go. As far as I know there are no VPN connections in the calls.

What Ive tried in all the calls today is to NOT use the Teams app and run it all through a browser (not ideal...) which seems to have worked.
No idea if its just a coincidence, but if it works, Ill use it.

But I would like to be able to use the app as its intended.

Thanks anyway

@DanPrimrosewhen you have the chance consider upgrading your OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Specially, Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015 and the extended support has already ended on January 14, 2020.

Thanks @mrhodora .

I've spent a while considering that. the only reason not to at the moment is the CAD system I use is not supported (but works...) on 10. I just have to way up the pro's and con's but I think that's the most likely option that will/might solve this.

Thanks though.

I have the same problem and I am running window 10 .Just Left a Meeting because it, and it's getting worse My speed is good ( my provider ran checks ) I've just cleared my computer of any MS Teams and reinstalled a new download and returned to the meeting and bang it happened again within a minute.
What is VPN?


This is the problem I'm having with my VPN disconnecting and causing disconnection from my Teams meeting. What I don't understand is why my VPN connection works just fine for everything except when I enter a Teams meeting, it starts going on the fritz. So there doesn't seem to be anything inherently wrong with my VPN connection. There just seems to be bad karma when using Teams over VPN. Naive question but how would I connect to my work Teams meeting without VPN? I'm a government employee and do all my teleworking right now over VPN. But if there was some way to disconnect from it just for a Teams meeting and have some stability during the meeting that would be a helpful workaround.

@DanPrimrose We have the same problem.. Not sure if it´s 45 seconds but anywhere between 20-60 seconds.. 


We have desktops in our conference rooms and several users have expierenced the same issue on diffrent clients.. Fully updated Windows 10 2004, Auto updated Teams clients.. We had the same issues with Skype before migrating to Teams. The problem however come and goes.. Been working fine for a couple of weeks until last friday..


Hi @Henric Appelgren 

Thanks for that. Whilst that not great for you, I'm glad it's not just me!

And whilst I don't want to tempt fate, my system seems to be running fine now, with no problems at all. I did do a complete install of W10 and then increased the size of my harddrive and whilst I have no idea if that cured it, it seems to be ok now. It's just a bit c**p that it seems to be down to the users to sort out these things rather than MS offering any advice...

Hopefully, it stays that way...

@DanPrimrose Glad you got it sorted!



@DanPrimrose and anyone else having this issue. I do see this as well. I have Windows 10 full updated as well as a fully updated version of Teams. So what you did Dan perhaps won't stay "working"???


It only happens on my main PC, not on my Surface, or my Work PC.


I have many different clients and a couple different companies so I log out/back in to different teams accounts consistently. I've experienced this on two of four of them (not sure if that's related). There's no VPN in my setup. 


The only thing I've found that works (temporarily) is to go to Task Manager and kill all of the Teams processes (there's usually somewhere between 5-10 processes). I make sure all of them have been stopped then restart teams. It seems to work for a while after that but, inevitably it happens again after some time. 


I am a big Teams fan but this is SUPER ANNOYING!

@Jamie52 Same for me here. Last week suddenly my TEAMS meetings stop ever x seconds. 

I have 2 Windows userprofiles running and it only occurs in one of them. 

Furthermore I have multiple M365 accounts running on both users.



@DanPrimrose Hi all. I have a user with the same problem, loosing connection after less than a minute. I am having him try teams without the VPN, waiting for feedback. Re-installing Windows 10 however is not really an option for me as this is a global company and my user is currently abroad.

Hi, i have the same issues but I use the app from android


Teams worked fine for half a year when I worked at home. But suddenly these 2 days, something wrong, and my Teams disconnecting every 45 seconds as well.  Have you found the solution to fix this?




I have the same issue these 2 days... really annoying!

I didn't have this problem previously, just don't know why it occurs suddently.

Hi @win000st and co


I had the same issue too except calls were dropping out after 5 or so seconds for every call.


A couple of things I did to get around it:


1. Right click onto the Teams icon in the icon tray, bottom right of your main screen, and Sign out. Repeat the steps to exit the app and then then search for it and boot it back up and sign back in.


2. If problems persist with the above, I found using a Teams meeting was stable and didn't kick me off.


Good luck folks!





In our company we are having the same issue since Teams client upgrade to version

Installing a previous version "solves" the issue.

The issue seems to be affecting only some users that work from home.
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Hi Folks


I did a bit more research and spoke to a colleague of mine who's a tech guru, and he reckons it's possibly a VPN issue.


Our secure VPN at work encrypts the signals with high level security and then teams does the same so it might be that the encryptions are causing calls to be unstable.


Switching off the VPN did help with the issue and I notice now that the VPN is the only time when I get it (as far as I can tell).


So I suggest if you have to be on the VPN that's causing your call issues, then use a Teams meeting to host the discussion rather than a call as Teams Meetings are a different thing to Teams calls and are stable and don't boot you off.


Not a solution but that workaround has worked for me for a long time when I've needed it.


Cheers and best wishes


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