Teams Meeting Chat issue

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We had a very unusual experience happen today:

  • A user created a Teams meeting in Outlook. The meeting was not scheduled for a particular Team or Teams channel. There were 14 invitees.
  • Prior to the meeting start, she opened the meeting from the calendar icon in the Teams app menu bar.
  • She clicked on Chat and typed in a message.
  • She suddenly began getting replies and likes to her chat message in the meeting from people who were not included in the invitees on the original meeting request. In total, 28 non-invited people saw her chat. None of them got the original meeting request; it wasn't on any of their calendars.

This is her normal behavior for creating meetings that are not specific to a Team or Teams/Channel. How could this have happened?


Thank you.


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Hi, unless the meeting link has been shared with these extra people, this should be impossible.


I'd recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can offer any guidance on this.

@PeterRising Thank you and I agree this should not have happened. None of the non-invited guests received the meeting request. The meeting chat just appeared in their chat list. One person attempted to join the meeting, but was not allowed to. Another person sent me a screenshot that had a message that she couldn't send a message because she was not a member of the chat. Very strange. I will take your advice and contact Microsoft support. I just wanted to try to troubleshoot it before doing so.  Thank you!

@LBumgarner Hello, by any chance this was a recurring meeting invite being reused with another set of users? That would explain the behavior at least, meaning why the non-invited users had the meeting chat activated. Other than that I have to agree with what @PeterRising said. As for the meeting and lobby behavior they are controlled by either the individual meetings options or assigned meeting/messaging policies and the guest settings as well.

@ChristianBergstrom  Thank you for your input. This was not a recurring meeting invite that was re-used. Some of the users who received the meeting chat would not normally be part of meetings. For example, one of the users who that showed up in the list was our IT service account. It has a M365 account, but would never be invited to a meeting. Others were users who don't normally participate in meetings, other than their own departments or committees, but there's not a common denominator that I can find.

@LBumgarner Hello, ok good to know. If you're confident the meeting link hasn't been made available to these users then a support ticket should be opened, as previously mentioned.