Teams meeting and inserting an image

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Is it possible to insert an image into a meeting invitation (not an email but a meeting invite).  I don't want it to be an attachment.  I want the attendee to see the image right when they open the meeting invitation.
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Hi @AndreaG729   The only way I know to do that is to use Outlook to create your invitation, where you can click on the Insert tab to add pictures, screenshots, etc.    Anyone else see a way to do it if one creates the invitation in Teams?

@ThereseSolimeno Before the latest update, I was able to copy and paste an image into the calendar meeting details. No longer works. Can a user voice request be created for this feature?

Sure @RyanB  Feel free to go to Microsoft Teams UserVoice to file your report.


I just sent the meeting invite from Teams to myself (which I can then access in Outlook). Then, in Outlook I modified the invite to include the image in the body, and updated the recipients and resent the invite from Outlook.


But yes, this should be fixed. Teams Meeting should allow inserting a picture (just like other tools like JIRA, Confluence etc do).

Created this, please vote and spread the word to vote. Thank you!
Created this, please vote and spread the word to vote.
Thank you!

This suuuuuuuuuucks. Teams fn sucks. Just give me a shred of functionality. The silly little work arounds we have to find because we are getting rid of slack is ridiculous. MS rushed teams because of the pando and it really shows. none of the updates have fixed any real user issues. Does MS even have a UI / UX department? So tired of this.