Teams meet performance with 300 hundred people

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Hi everyone,
I'm curious if teams meet will be stable even at its full capacity with 300 hundred people. One thing is the maximum meet limit, but the other is if it will work without a problem. I tried to find performance tests on this issue, but unfortunately, without succeed. Is there any documentation or conducted tests on this issue? Like how will the increasing number of participants change the computer and network demands and meeting's stability?

I will be grateful for any suggestion or experience. Even with a smaller number of participants (100+)

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Hello, considering the increase going from 300 to 1000 being rolled out any day now I can't see why you would experience issues with 100-300 if you meet the prerequisites. You can always search the Microsoft Docs for more details when it comes to bandwidth and network settings etc.
Great, thank you for the reply and information. I also noticed the expansion from 300 to 1000 people. But I'd rather ask than to be sorry later with a meet full of angry people. Nevertheless, it should be really without problems.