Teams Mailboxes/Calendars not always appearing in Outlook Groups

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We've had inconsistent results in having a Team's shared Mailbox & Calendar appear for Team Members under their Outlook Groups: sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

We've done many tests with the two "Set-UnifiedGroup" attributes [HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled + HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled] --- and still don't have a definitive answer to the question, "What is required for a Teams shared MAILBOX and CALENDAR to both be available to Team Owners & Members within their Outlook GROUPS."

Can anyone point to definitive guidance/documentation? Offer a solution if you've experienced the same thing?

Being SURE our employees can access their Team email/calendar within Outlook is key to moving our deployment project forward.

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@SW-SoCo2 This is such a frustrating feature that is causing us pain as well

@SW-SoCo2 Those are the correct attributes, but also consider that caching in your clients will mean it can take some days for changes to take effect. One sure-fire way to ensure is to create Outlook groups then add Teams rather than the other way round.


Maybe share a specific scenario that you want to achieve so others can repeat it.

If you've found any setting/attribute that "fixes" a previously-created Team that SHOULD, but DOES NOT, appear in the Owner/Members GROUPS in Outlook (both mailbox & calendar) - please share (as will I, if/when we discover same). We're trying really hard to give accurate & consistent guidance to our staff about where & how to access their Team's shared calendar & mailbox --- it should be very simple ("just look in Outlook..."), but unfortunately that hasn't been our experience as Teams has evolved over the past 12+ months :\ Seems like a minor issue in some ways, but for us it's significant - if for no other reason than it leads to skepticism about our Teams adoption :(
Yes - we're aware of the caching (and sync) issues... but for us the behavior still isn't consistent; we've even found the published "what the heck is the diff between all these kinds of groups?" references to be fuzzy when trying to identify variances between an Outlook-created GROUP vs a Microsoft Teams GROUP vs an M365 GROUP i.e.

In our case, just from trial/error, we've found the most consistent behavior is when creating new Teams in the Teams Admin Center. We're trying NOT to move on to anything more complex until we get this very basic issue of shared mailbox/calendar visibility fully understood/resolved as it's foundational to how we're using Teams. Our scenario is very simple: each Team needs to have its shared Mailbox & Calendar visible/accessible to the Team Owners & Members in Outlook.

I'm going to do some testing with your method (create the group in Outlook, and then "teamify" it in the M365 or Teams Admin Center) - and see what the behavior is.

NOTE: an additional (non)issue we've run up against as well: our tenant is in the GCC, and some features aren't available in the GCC; however, I haven't seen anything indicating that this issue is related to GCC vs other tenant types.