Teams Mac Mini M1 Audio Garbled when Wifi is switched on

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I recently got an M1 Mac Mini.  When i turn wifi on the audio gets garbled, not immediately but approx 50% of the time i cannot hear people and they cannot hear me.  I have the ethernet cable connected and prioritied as first in the list but as soon as i turn wifi on within a minute or two the issue starts again.  I have an intel mac on wifi which doesn't have the same problem.  I don't get any messages about network connections in teams and I'm 3 feet from the router.


Anyone else experiencing this?  I can't find any other reports anywhere.



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Having similar issues on M1 Mac only. @nickyrhodes 

Same Teams meeting when I connect on Intel Mac it sounds fine.

My issue is very intermittent every 15 to 20 seconds.  Seems to happen more on the start of a word or sentence.  I'm thinking this is definitely a M1 bug.  Turning off wifi hasn't helped me.