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Is there any way to change the ridiculously irrational look of teams?

Space between rows is many times to big and all the items are organized in such way that even having a few channels make it impossible to see all of them at once. 


Among many things that suck in this software, this is the most obvious and discouraging people from using it as a communication platform.

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In what way don't you see the channels you'd like to see? If you favorite the channels, they will be visible to you always! Same goes with the teams themselves

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You can't customize the client much. You can select different themes (click on your profile image in the upper left corner and select Settings).

image.pngYou can also zoom out and in, that could change the distance between rows, click on your profile image in the upper left corner and use zoom options.


You can also use the Uservoice to request changes or see if someone else requested the same then you can vote for that change.

There is a uservoice already for this and it's been a pretty big topic for awhile now. Many people do not like the look of Teams and they just said they are going to work on a compact version for people that choose to set it that way. ETA is probably a ways out. As Linus said, zoom in and out, (Ctrl + mouse wheel), Profile pic > Zoom section etc. can help but there still is a lot of wasted space in Teams.

Here is the uservoice, go add your vote:
I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone but every time I Exit out of Teams and restart, the Theme I picked (Dark), is reset to the Default and I have to choose it again. The same behavior throughout all my devices.


I tested to change to dark theme on my computer, quit teams and then start it again and the dark theme was still there. Try to reinstall Teams, uninstall it first and the remove all files from %localappdata%\Microsoft\Teams %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, after that install Teams client again.

@Chris Webb- The Compact Mode thread is a microcosm of all that's wrong with Microsoft's interaction with the UserVoice community. Misleading statuses. Lack of trust. Misunderstood requirements. Long silences. Lack of feedback.


I won't repeat my rant here; take a look at for the full account.


It's also a fine example of the resistance to allowing users any meaningful customisation of their UI experience. There is One True UI and that is what you shall use.


Need a different font because you're dyslexic? Tough. The One True Font is the one you shall use.

Need a different notification sound because you're working in a noisy environment? Tough. The One True Notification Sound is the one you shall use.

Need a smaller window for your chat so you can see the other program you're discussing? Tough. The One True Chat Layout is the one you shall use.

Need more space to see more of the chat? Tough. The One True Chat Column Width is the one you shall use. Have more empty margin space instead.


and so on.

Oh believe me, I wish there was more movement around this space. I want templates, and options for forum style layouts etc. But not sure why the current UI updates have seemed to hit a brick wall. Hopefully we get some new updates or announcements around this at some point, but I can understand the frustration.

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MS approach to Teams Themes and Look is to create as much visual noise as possible.

For Example, why is this necessary

Teams Noise-01.jpg