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Hello All,

I am a parent trying to setup teams for his 5 yr old son's school, and am very frustated. This could be a long post so I apologise in advance. I bought a new laptop 2 months ago for my son and am trying to setup teams for him. His school has provided an email id and password which helps me login to teams through the webbrowser, but does not do it with the teams app. I have tried everything i can find on the net from clearing the cache in various places to re-installing the app several times to no avail. finally i found an advice to rename the teams folder %appdata%\Microsoft\teams to something else and then trying, did not solve the issue, but during the several login process I found the following:

1) whenever I open the teams app, I get the following screen,

first login screenfirst login screen

2) and when i try to login through here, I get the following screen without even a password prompt, and when I press Ok, I am told to restart.

error messageerror message

3) Now if I close the error screen by pressing the X on the top right corner without pressing OK, I get the following login screen, and when I login through this, I can login successfully and the teams app opens up

second screensecond screen


Now everyting works smoothly until I restart my laptop and the whole cycle beings. Now my wife who assists my son in his school work uses this laptop and is not tech-savy, I would like to permanently login into the app like normal people do and would like my son to start attending his classes as soon as the laptop is turned on. How can I get the second login screen directly when starting Teams app for windows and why do I keep on getting signed out of teams when I restart. Can someone help? Thanks for your support.

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Hello, the Teams app isn't ideal for being shared by several people as it's being installed differently than other software. So when someone says that they only have one computer for use I always recommend Teams on the web and preferably with InPrivate mode / Incognito browser sessions. If the desktop app must be used then I recommend setting up your own Windows profile on that computer. So try creating additional user account and install Teams again.

Hope it helps!



The error in 2. is showing that it's not being allowed to connect to, a 404 error. Do you have any security software configured on the device that might be interfering, some kind of web filter, parental controls type of thing?

Hi Steven, no filters only an antivirus software, but when I get to the second login it does allow me to connect, I guess it has to do with some cookies or some login settings
Hi Chirstain, as mentioned this laptop is only for my son and he is the only one using it for school, so he has the admin account and thats it, no more users