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Hi Team,


One of my team member is currently logging with Organization account. However somehow his second profile is getting logged in with user which is not in Organization. Our User had external call with another user from different organization and not MS Teams is picking up user display name (which is from different organization). Both profiles has organization email address attached to it. Display name is correct for one profile and other profile is picking up display name of user (which is not in our organization). 


We have tried with signing out user profile from every device like laptop, iPad, iPhone etc. Also we tried with uninstalling Microsoft Teams from all the devices and tried with login again.

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@Avadhootfacctumcom Hello, I am having difficulties understanding this issue so I'm simply going to provide a couple of troubleshooting step for you to try.


- Go and look under the Window Account settings to see if there are any accounts that should be removed (work/school etc.).

- Sign out manually from top right corner in Teams.

- Right-click on the Teams taskbar icon (bottom right) and select Quit.

- Verify your organizations My Account ( and leave those not being used.

- Run this (copy and paste) PowerShell script sample - Reset the autostart setting in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs



Please refer below clarification on my query: 


1. User A belongs to my organization and User B belongs to customer care department of Apple.

2. User A had Teams call with User B for some iOS device related query.

3. Post this, User A can see two profiles configured within Microsoft Teams. One profile is correctly updated. Other profile has display name of User B and email address attached to it belongs to our organization. 

4. This issue is only observed in iPhone and iPad. Microsoft Teams is correctly configured on rest devices like Windows or Mac. 


We are trying to remove other profile which has display name of User B. We tried with signing out from Microsoft Teams, uninstalled Teams apps from both iPhone and iPad and installed it again. However still other profile is visible on login over either iPhone or iPad. 


If you can help to solve it.