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I have 2 teams users that have the wrong location. We need to add a number to the user, but because it has the wrong location, it cannot be found when i search the name. Is there a way to change the users location? The location in the azure user where teams collects the data from is correct. 




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I in Office 365 admin center find the user and change the location there. Then wait a couple of hours, since there is a high impact on the Office 365 services now due to high usage it might take a longer time.



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@Linus Cansby thank you linus! 


I did not think it was that easy. I indeed need to wait for it to change, but so far it works! 

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Do you know how long it takes for the location info to propagate to Teams after changing it in Office 365.







I believe it was the same day, but i dont exactly know. 


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Usage Location in addition to assigning a Country specific number how does this link

Is user data storage controlled from this