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I saw that Teams will allow you to admit people you invited into the lobby. Is this just for internal and external people who have an account in your tenant?


I presume guests would still need to wait in the lobby?

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Hi @ChristianBergstrom , thanks for that but I meant the new feature here. I wasn't clear sorry. The option will allow "people I invite" to bypass the lobby but I'm not sure how it would work for actual guests and not external people who have an account in our tenant.

Ah you mean this scheduled for February

Guests has accounts in your tenant. I suppose you mean anonymous users?

This is a bit too new feature for me and not being MVP I have no inside information I’m afraid.

Lets hope someone more ”ITK” will reply to this conversation.


Btw, from a logical point of view. If you do allow anon users to join meetings it should follow that principle.


This setting will also let external people join the meeting directly if they are invited! You can read more here from a trusted source:

Adam, not if disabling ”anon user allowed to join meetings” in meeting settings. Right?
No, not anon users in that case! Guests are not anon users and with this setting they can join directly if they are invited to the meeting
Yep, that’s already been discussed above, even the link you attached has already been posted ;)

It was the anon setting in particular we (I) needed to confirm. Cheers!
Confirmed! 🤪