Teams - loading with error links to old servers that no longer exist

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Have MS teams installed on Win10 Laptop and iMac.

Teams on Win10 Laptop functions correctly.
On the iMac, Teams loads but errors with "can't find server %servername%"  server name is a older and retired file server.  The iMac was shutdown when covid first hit and user used Win10 laptop from home.
Now user is back at shop and Teams on the iMac is getting this error.

I've uninstalled teams, deleted it's install directory and reinstalled. Error still appears.
Error does not appear on the Win 10 install for the same person.
It's happening with 2 other people, same scenario, different servers.



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Hmmm, have you tried clearing the cache for Teams on the mac? Try it with the steps in this article

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris