Teams Loading issue for Multiple users

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Hello Teams Community


Please i need your help on this issue.


We have a user who is unable to log into the teams.


Here is the error message:




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Thats not much of an error message IMHO.

First thing i would do is have the user try signing in through the web app ( If that works, you already know authentication is OK.

If the above does work, i would check the time on the machine used. Logins will report an error when the time is not in sync with the cloud. go to Date & Time settings and make sure "set time automatically" is on. That will enable time servers which will guarantee the time sync.
If that is not the issue, uninstall the Teams client and re-install it. Possibly even clear the cache in between.

The above is what i would do to try and find the problem. I can't guarantee it will fix yours.

If all else fails, a support ticket is always an idea. However, since this is a 1-user issue i would expect the error to be on the machine, not on the cloud.