Teams Live Events vs. Yammer Live Events

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What is the difference in features and applicability for Teams Live events vs Yammer Live events? Are they basically the same thing? Which should we use when?

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Live Events in Yammer is only for internal use, Live Events in Teams can be used for public events that allows external viewers (non-authenticated anonymous users). LE Yammer uses Microsoft Stream and LE Teams uses Stream for internal broadcasts and Azure Media Services for public events.


With Yammer you use an third-party application to produce, with Teams you can use a third-party applications (internal events only) or you can use the Teams client to produce your event.


With yammer you can have an ongoing discussion/conversation about the stream, with Teams you only have the Q&A feature.

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Thanks, that is reply I could print out and frame.. :)

@Linus Cansby great response, a follow up if I may? If you ask a question through Yammer during a Live Event the Q&A moderator gets to see it in Live Events don't they, not within a Yammer channel?


I'm trying to work out when I would use Live Events in Teams and Live Events in Yammer. You clarified that Yammer is internal and Teams external.


Another gating factor would be do I want to have an easy place to answer questions that I didn't answer in Live Events, i.e. post-event. I take it that would be Yammer?

@Tim Banting Viewer can ask the questions in Yammer, they can be answered there.

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But they will also be shown in the Yammer tab in Live Events in Teams, so they can be answered from Teams.

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Does Yammer live events not have the reporting like Teams Live Events does?
Hi, as more than a year has passed, can you please confirm whether these differences still hold true? Thanks so much, I appreciate your guidance!