Teams Live Events- Bitrate woes for Live Event and recording


I've been trying to find ways to improve the Teams Live events performance, mainly video quality / bitrate. However, I fear that there's a limit above which the quality cannot be improved.


I even tested with an eCDN provider but viewers can never get more that 720p@1.5Mbit/s.

I am puzzled. How can 720p@1.5MBit/s ever be enough? Even on a 14" Notebook it's almost impossible to read Excel table data let alone viewing it on a 27" or above screen.


Moreoever, the Live Event recording suffers even worse. It's usually around 600KBit/s with 66Kbit/s for audio. This is way from being contemporary.


I feel there's something fundamentally wrong and was wondering if it's still something wrong in our configuration or if you have the same experiences. Would love to hear your feedback.

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Please forgive me for bumping my own thread but I'm really curious to know if anybody else feels that the video stream quality is not enough to be able to adequately read text from the shared material. Thanks.

@Florian Hein Take a look at this page -  It appears 720P is the max for camera but desktop sharing can by 1080P


That might be why I have seen conferences pre-record live event sessions and stream the audio/video with chat on the side with the presenter as one of those answering questions.

Might want to check the media bit rate setting (isn't too low or too high and conducive with network bandwidth) you've configured for Teams at the Tenant level.