Teams Live Event - Specific Group - You need permission to enter

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An issue with a Teams Live Event cropped up when setup for a specific group to only have access.

The members of the group who were trying to join were getting a message

You Need Permission to Join.

Havent seen this before.

The attendance attribute was changed to Organisation Wide and this resolved the issue.

I setup a duplicate test call with same details and didnt get the same result; 

Didnt matter in this case as no sensitive material was being discussed but future connections may not have the option of opening up to Organisation Wide.

Any thoughts on what I may hav


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@bflockha I must admit I've never really had a scenario where it's big enough to be a Live Event, but also needs to only allow a specific group of people. Wouldn't a regular meeting work just as well?


For the permissions to work your joiners will need to be authenticated with an account in the group that is allowed, it sounds like they were either using a different account or were not authenticating.

Hi Steve thanks for your reply we have had that issue previously with Remote Presenters who get added to the Tenancy; all attendees at this event were University Colleagues with University credentials; think we are going to put it down to a blip as doesnt seem any reason it would have happened; may have to take the hit as the scheduler:-)