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I need to produce a live event with 4 presenters.   As a producer I thought I would be able to see each presenter's video and also their powerpoint presentation at the same time, i.e. they could all share their screens in the pre-live.  I hoped to then be able to queue presenters and their powerpoints as needed.  However, when the second presenter shares screen it fully replaces the first presenter's screen in the Live event - is there a way to avoid this?


If I have multiple presenters do they have to share their own screen but only at the right time in the event, i.e. when the previous presenter has finished??



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@rach80 Might be worth going through 


And the Screen Sharing Section of


But either way you should certainly be able to Queue and commit to Live when ready, not sure how that works in terms of taking the content from another presenter though. Which could be more the issue you are having.


I initially thought it would be more you as the Producer, queue and commit to live and then a presenter steps in and presents on the content that is currently being delivered in Live.


If no one else steps in or you are still struggling, shout up and I will play out the scenario myself to see if I can come up with a solid answer or at least provide a conclusion.




@henryarphillips365 thanks for your reply.  I want each presenter to be able to control progression of their own presentation so it makes sense that they share it.  I just wanted to be able to queue their presentation so I could bring it up for them when they are ready and have introduced themselves via video, therefore saving them stopping their flow and sharing the screen whilst their video is live.


The problem seems to be that I can only have one presenter's screen as my content.  As soon as another presenter shares it then takes over any presentation that's currently live.


Just seems strange to me?  I guess the simple version of my question is how do I as producer see more than one presenter's content?




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@rach80 Well that was fun trying to simulate a live event with myself as producer and two demo accounts as presenters all from one machine :)


So I have come to the conclusion that the closest you could get to what you are after at present and would require all presenters to have a working web cam and video feed turned on. Is to Queue a presenter, send to live, queue content, with or without a video feed using the toggle, send to live and that would keep a continuous feed going.

To get the more preferable scenario, I have found the following user voice that I think fits the bill and has the most votes, so I would spread the word and get voting at the following:


It might also be worth keeping an eye on the Road Map at as sometimes Microsoft are already in the process of working on a desired feature, it is just a question of time.




Hello Everyone,


I'm almost sure, that earlier i could ask to all my presenters to start sharing their screen (and so send one in live and having the others in the queue) and this is not possible anymore.

can someone who tested the live event at the beginning of the year can confirm that ? 


because right now, as you say : sharing the screen as a presenter directly replace the already in live screen, it can be really dangerous to do that...

and also, what is the purpose of the Procuder now ? he can just decide which camera is in live... not the he is almost useless...


i'm so convinced that it was not like this before and that the things changed...


but i have to find someone who can confirm that.


before : Presentation and cameras in queue possible

now : only cameras in queue possible.