Teams Live Event: Multiple Presenters using OBS...Audio Issues?

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Hi everyone!


I'm hosting a Virtual Live Event with 4 presenters. All 4 of us (I'm one of the presenters!) are going to be virtual. We have a Live Event coming up where we want all 4 of our vides to show up on screen. I've figured out how to do this through various tests, to show our video, plus our presentation, live on screen using OBS Studio:


- The 3 other presenters and I join a normal teams meeting, where I join via my web browser

- I start the live event, using OBS Virtual Camera as my camera, and send that live

- The live event participants can see all 4 of us plus whatever it is I'm sharing, thanks to the set up I have on OBS


Now here's what I haven't been able to figure out: The Audio Input is currently my microphone.


I need it to be something else, so that audience members can hear the other attendees PLUS me...I'm sure I probably have to play around with like a virtual sound board / audio mixer...but...I don't even know what to google!


I'm sure there's a way to do this! Can someone help?

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Hi @Ann-Margaret  Have you run the test with the other presenters joining the meeting?  Presenters will be able to share their audio; audience members will not.


What are Microsoft Teams live events? - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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Hi @Ann-Margaret


Live events produced via Microsoft Teams have certain limits which can be eliminated using an external app (e.g. OBS Studio). In your scenario, since you are producing the live event via Teams you can only have your microphone as the audio for the live event.


We use a workaround to display all presenters (on screen) in a live event as follows:


1. Produce the live event via Teams. All presenters should log-in to the live event from the Teams Desktop Application.

2. One of the presenters should share their Teams window which contains the video of all presenters. NOTE: going full-screen before sharing is recommended.

3. The producer can send the screen-share from step 2 live for the attendees. The attendees will be able to see all the presenters and the audio will come from the mics of the respective presenters.


NOTE: This workaround relies on the CPU performance and internet connectivity of the presenter sharing the screen. Drop in video quality is expected.


Given the quality drop in this workaround you can accomplish your requirement by producing the live event via an external app (e.g. OBS Studio). However, the procedure will be more complicated.



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