Teams live event - Echo when sharing desktop with computer sound

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I try to give the scene:

In Teams live event, where we have the producer (me, always on mute) and the speakers and the content from my PC. 

When I want to share a video from my PC with sound, I share my desktop including computer audio.

But activating the computer audio it always creates echo (even I am always on mute) when presenters start talking later on. 

So what I am doing now, is to stop sharing and re-share wihtout computer audio. But this is not smooth during the event, specially if you want to share a new video later... as sharing and stop sharing creates delays...

Any idea how to avoid this?

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I would suggest to raise a support ticket for the issue with Echo.

Tip: we don't need to stop and start the sharing to switch from "Desktop sharing (without audio)" to "Shared System Audio", there is a shortcut in sharing bar (top of the screen) where you can toggle.
Ah, didn't know that I will take a look. Thank you!