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Hi! Does anyone know if Teams Live Events will have a chat panel. Currently, I am only able to see the Q&A panel. and the current chat panel only serves to chat between presenters and/or producer. 

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Hi @EricaTeitelbaum   There are actually two chat windows in Teams Live Events:  one for the producer to communicate with the presenter, and the meeting chat for audience members to submit questions and/or the producer to transmit one-way communications out to the audience.


The audience Q&A chat window has to be set up when the organizer schedules the live event, so perhaps that box wasn't checked before your meetings started.


Participate in a Q&A in a live event in Teams - Office Support (



@ThereseSolimeno that's not really an intuitive chat panel. Ideally, it'd be great to have a chat panel that's separate from Q&A, just like is available in Teams Webinars. And it's SO important to have the ability to disable anonymity with Q&A. I understand I can just dismiss those questions, but as event producers, we should have some ability to control / decide that.