Teams Live Event: Can more than one Presenter be made live at the same time?

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We're starting to investigate Teams Live Events, and it seems like only one Presenter can be made live at a time. Is this correct? Here <> in the notes to step 9, it says: Up to ten presenters or producers (including you) can share video or content at once.

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Would like an answer to this as well. Especially since it says you can have up to 10 present at the same time.

@Sarah Gant I'm also searching for this answer. It was an issue in the last event I produced and I have an upcoming one with 2 presenters again and I can't find the answer anywhere. I think when they say 10 presenters at once, they mean, in the queue but not live, unfortunately. I'd be happy to be wrong though. If there's a way, please let me know!

Hi, I am looping on this topic. Also interested in. I am hosting many events and missing the "interview" option to be visible both of speakers. 

@Linda88 a couple of things our users have done for this is:

1. Host the interviews ahead of time and then play a video of them during the event.  You can still have them on the live portion for the Q&A portion.  

2. You can also use a virtual cam like Mannycam or get an ATEM mini or use Wirecast.