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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams lite app

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Would also like to hear if there are plans for a TEAMS lite app for users restricted or choosing to limit TEAMS to Instant messaging. (for example: a customer service department)

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This would be a great idea. I like Skype for Business for the IM functionality. Teams client is too much and occupies whole screen, not nice for quick IM.

The teams app is really ram consuming and i would love to have a lite alternative to it. People like me who can't afford better laptops are suffering a lot because of this. I have to attend my live classes and it takes a lot of time to join a meeting sometimes just due to lag. It is a kind message to all developers that please look into this issue. It would be really helpful. 

@kushagragaur31 i am also having the same issue that you have. MS should come up with a lite app for teams. when it was Skype for business, it was used only for chatting and calls which was so helpful. here in Teams MS has plugged hell a lot of things inside and made it heavier than anything else which is so sad. 

Performance is very terrible thing :(
Lite version would be a good alternative.

Well it's been a while since I was last here. But in that time i've been working on something that meets these requirements. I've now finished and just pushed it to the MS Store. It's called MS-TL.

Bought MS-TL to try. Very light weight compared to normal Teams desktop. Happy to replace Skype with this one. Well done.

If I had the chance, I would not use any software from MS.
Teams is a clear example of the lack of quality control and total disconnection between your product "design" engineers and the real need of your clients.
Teams is a messy mix of copied features from other apps glued altogether in an environment that uses all the screen and is overloaded with unnecessary visual effects and features as useless as a "like" button to give thumbs up to a co-worker chat... WOW!
It killed my laptop! I use to close the app when I need some productivity. 650MB of memory used just to be monitoring for new messages in the background.
By far the most memory hungry app I have on my laptop, and believe me... I'm an electronics engineer and I'm used to work with software to do much more complex stuff!