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Would also like to hear if there are plans for a TEAMS lite app for users restricted or choosing to limit TEAMS to Instant messaging. (for example: a customer service department)

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This would be a great idea. I like Skype for Business for the IM functionality. Teams client is too much and occupies whole screen, not nice for quick IM.

The teams app is really ram consuming and i would love to have a lite alternative to it. People like me who can't afford better laptops are suffering a lot because of this. I have to attend my live classes and it takes a lot of time to join a meeting sometimes just due to lag. It is a kind message to all developers that please look into this issue. It would be really helpful. 

@kushagragaur31 i am also having the same issue that you have. MS should come up with a lite app for teams. when it was Skype for business, it was used only for chatting and calls which was so helpful. here in Teams MS has plugged hell a lot of things inside and made it heavier than anything else which is so sad. 

Performance is very terrible thing :(
Lite version would be a good alternative.

Well it's been a while since I was last here. But in that time i've been working on something that meets these requirements. I've now finished and just pushed it to the MS Store. It's called MS-TL.

Bought MS-TL to try. Very light weight compared to normal Teams desktop. Happy to replace Skype with this one. Well done.

If I had the chance, I would not use any software from MS.
Teams is a clear example of the lack of quality control and total disconnection between your product "design" engineers and the real need of your clients.
Teams is a messy mix of copied features from other apps glued altogether in an environment that uses all the screen and is overloaded with unnecessary visual effects and features as useless as a "like" button to give thumbs up to a co-worker chat... WOW!
It killed my laptop! I use to close the app when I need some productivity. 650MB of memory used just to be monitoring for new messages in the background.
By far the most memory hungry app I have on my laptop, and believe me... I'm an electronics engineer and I'm used to work with software to do much more complex stuff!

Hello! There is only 64 bit version :\ Would it be possible to reach out to you on like instagram or discord?

@Ajtyy  What architecture would you be looking for?

I would love to see 32bit version, but i also wanted if i could try the software for free. If i like it i would by it. My parents wont allow me to buy it becouse i didnt tried it out. Sorry for errors, english is not my native language

Your English is pretty good. :smile: Will see what we can do with the next release.

Would be possible to contact you on your personal email? I don't want to really type here.