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The most infuriating bug happened a few days ago. I used a teams list to track problems in my project. I hadnt accessed this list in a week and when I returned I found out it had switched to a file explorer ! Since it didnt get deleted there was nothing to restore. All the content was gone completely and I was looking at a random folder within the team's files. 


How can this even happen ? Is it possible to change the type of the tab like this ? 


This has replaced an extensive list of bugs which is irreplacable.

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This was a List in Teams created with the List app? Does it still exist in the Lists web app? Login to and look for the Lists icon on the left app rail > click on it. Does the List still exist there with the data in? If not restore it from the SharePoint recycling bin


If it persists in Teams, remove and re-add the app and add an existing list


Best, Chris

The list still exists with all of its contents when I access Sharepoint via the browser. This was not the case but when I deleted it and restored it from the bin it returned it to its original state. It is still a file explorer in the Teams desktop app. This closes the issue for me since I can now just move all the contents to a different platform.
Thank you for your quick help.