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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams Linux app getting left behind

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Will the official Linux Teams app ever get live meeting reactions? Many of my teachers are asking us to use this to show whether we understand a topic or not. Additionally my Teams client is fully updated but the meeting controls are still hovering at the bottom rather than at the top right. It seems very strange to provide a Linux client and then never give it any new features — why not have just focused on making the web app better?

The aim of my posting here is to get a response from a member of Microsoft staff telling me why the Linux app has been left behind and whether there are any plans to bring it up to date. Thanks

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There appears to be a new release as of yesterday ( dated 2021-03-08). But, as usual, no changelog associated with it so know way of knowing what's new/changed.

@TomWittQPThanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately the way that teams updates are done means that having the latest version of the client does not mean you have all the latest features. Microsoft seems to be withholding features from the Linux version. :(


I came looking for information on the Teams app for Linux and I see that this post is marked as NOT APPLICABLE. Is there active development on the Linux app for Teams?

The feature that this thread is requesting seems entirely pertinent yet it's marked as non-applicable?


The Linux users in your community would greatly appreciate some love for the Teams client. Sorry that we don't use Windows, but we still use your other products and often work for your corporate partners.