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Erin Scupham
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Regarding the announcement to move from a tenant level Teams setting to individual license only, when this change goes into effect, will individual users Teams licenses be turned on by default, or will they remain off unless we explicitly turn them on?

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This isn’t touching licensing. The only thing this is basically doing is turning teams on by default for the org, which I want to say might be a resolution to inviting people as guests from other org’s that had this setting off would not be able to join other org’s as guests. At least that’s what I’m hoping but not sure if they will still be denied access because of no license.

Anyway your license won’t change. If you had Teams license on then your still going to have teams if it was no license you won’t.
What will happen however if you were licensed for teams and that setting was turned off then your going to have access to teams once this goes into effect.
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