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Hello Teams Community


Please i need your help on this


On an M1 mac, we are experiencing severe lag in the latest build of teams. This user has also tried the M1 beta with no luck. Tried reinstalling it multiple times.


We are having them use the web version. Wasn't sure if there were any solutions.

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Hi @IBN ,


try deleting the app cache from Library.


Open Finder, click on Go and while in Go click and hold Option > Library will show up. click on it.


In Library find folder Cache> inside delete




Thank you for your reply.

It very well do have a theory it is because it is an M1 Mac, however even the Beta performance of the M1 version was rather poor. So I felt this is something you should be made aware of and if we could see if there was anything that could at least give him better performance in the meantime until the official M1 version releases.

Switching to a different network made no difference.

Teams web app works fine, but that would be expected since it is browser based and not hardware based.

We may just have to go this route till the official M1 version is out of beta.

Clearing the teams cache did not help.