Teams Join Online button opens browser in stead of desktop application

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Whenever a user clicks a "Join Online" button in their Outlook reminder or when a link to a teams channel is clicked in SharePoint, it opens the browser first and not the user's already running instance of Teams. Is there a way around this?

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There is a uservoice about this: 


I have two computers here now and one of them it opens directly in Teams desktop app, but on the other one it opens the browser first. Both computers are running the same version of Windows, Teams and Edge Chronium browser. Strange.


This topic is already been discussed in this thread with some suggestions:

@Linus Cansby 

Hello Linus,


Thanks for the response and assistance here. Are your two computers logged in with the same user account? If not, are both users in "Teams Only" mode policy? 





@Jon-Loane Yes, same account and it is TeamsOnly. I will check some more on this later to see if I can find any difference. 

Check your outlook version numbers. I would think the difference would be there.

Actually the computer that opened the Web browser first hadn't been restarted for a long time, I rebooted it and now it works. When i click the link "Join Microsoft Teams meeting" or "Join Teams Meeting" it open Teams directly.


The only time the browser is opened first is when I click "Join Online" on the Outlook meeting reminder that pops up.


@Jon-Loane I'm running Windows 10 with Edge Chronium browser. Latest Outlook and Teams client. Can you test that?

Yeah that's why I'm thinking an update of one of those fixed that recently. Hence the reboot since maybe you got an update? Can you post your Outlook and Teams versions so that Jon can compare?

@Jon-Loane My Outlook version is Outlook for Office 365 MSO (16.0.12430.20172). Teams version Both running in English.

@Linus Cansby 

When right-clicking my meeting in Outlook and selecting "Join Teams Meeting", the app joins the meeting, no web popup.


When I select the meeting and click "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" within the body of the meeting, the app joins the meeting, no web popup.


When I click "Join Online" in the event reminder popup, Google Chrome opens a new window/tab and then asks the question mentioned in my OP's screencap.


I did find a regkey for Google Chrome that can be configured to enable a checkbox that will allow the user to select "Don't ask me again", but even then it still opens in the browser.


The regkey for those interested:


Reg_DWORD: ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox > 1


Has anyone had the experience where clicking "Join Online" in the Outlook reminder doesn't open the browser?

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@Linus Cansby - Hi Linus I was having the same issue, but I was opening up my Outlook invite, and clicking on the meeting link there, which was opening up the web browser, etc. and a lot of extra work. I found that if I'm on the Calendar in Outlook, right-click on my invite and select JOIN TEAMS MEETING that it opens up the meeting directly and then I can click JOIN.  That was driving me nuts!

@Linus Cansby the link content unfortunately seems to be archived. If you remember or have any of the content saved could you please add it to this string?

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